Women and Cacti

(cacti named to honor of women)

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Many thanks to: Brian Bates, Yuri Belayev, Steven Brack, Yann Cochard, Ulrich Creutzburg, Alberto Dams, Igor Drab, Ulf Eliasson, Mark Faint, Tatiana Górska-Nowak, David Hollombe, Stephen Jankalski, Paul Klaassen, Paul & Reta Long, Zoltan Lukoczki, Lino di Martino, Detlev Metzing, Tadeusz Nycz, Eddie Esteves Pereira, Daniel Schweich, Ton PullenSiegmund Seybold, Frank Supplie, Marc Teissier, Willy Verheulpen, Frank Vincentz, Lech A. Walotek-Scheidegger and Mario Wick for the help they provided

Special thanks to Charles Staples (USA) and Colin C.Walker (England) - they send me a lot of information about succulent "women" names

1. Notocactus (Parodia concinna ssp.) agnetae AGNES ROGGEN, the wife of Sr. P. A. Roggen - author of the assistance research
2. Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus ssp. pseudomacrochele v. alenae ALENA STANIKOVA, the wife of Roman Stanik, head chief of Spolocnost Cactaceae etc. - publisher of Cactaceae etc. - Slovak Cactus and Succulent Journal
3. Gymnocalycium angelae

4. Frailea angelesii

5. Trichocereus (Echinopsis) angelesii

ANGELA KIESLING (Angeles Graciela Lopez), the wife of Roberto Kiesling - Argentinian expert and lower of cacti (Lobivia kieslingii, Rebutia(Aylostera) kieslingii, Gymnocalycium kieslingii)
6. Mammillaria anniana ANNI LAU, the wife of Alfred B. Lau - explorer and expert of Mexican cacti; discovered and described dozens of new species (Copiapoa laui, Coryphantha laui, Echinocereus laui, Echinomastus laui, Epiphyllum laui, Eriosyce laui, Lobivia laui, Mammillaria laui, Melocactus laui, Parodia laui, Parodia salmonea v. lau-multicostata, Rebutia laui, Sulcorebutia breviflora v. laui, Sulcorebutia vizcarrae v. laui, Turbinicarpus laui)
7. Cleistocactus subgen. Annemarniera named to honour ANNE Therese MARNIER-LAPOSTOLLE, the first wife of Julien Marnier-Lapostolle - owner of famous plants collection "Jardin Botanique des Cedres" in Cap Ferrat (France). President of "Association Francaise des Amateurs de Cactees" (Marniera gen., Opuntia marnierana, Parodia marnierana, Mammillaria marnierana), see also 107
8. Melocactus barbarae (barbarensis) BARBARA ANTESBERGER, the daughter of Prof. Dr. Helmut Antesberger (1938-1997) - Austrian cactus amateur, explorer of Carribean cacti, especially Melocactus (Mammillaria antesbergeriana)
9. Arrojadoa beateae BEATE OLMA, the wife of Dr. Pierre J.Braun (Pierrebraunia brauniorum, Cephalocereus braunii, Coleocephalocereus braunii, Pilosocereus braunii, Tacinga braunii), German explorer and expert of brazilian cacti, that alone or together the Brazilian Mr. Eddie Esteves Pereira (see 86) discovered and described dozen of new species (see also 17)
10. Sclerocactus parviflorus v. blessingiae in honour ERMA LUCILLE BLESSING SMITH EARLE, the second wife of the W.H.Erle - author of the description of species
11. Heliocereus aurantiacus v. blomianus in honour Mrs. DUBY BLOM, whose husband (?) was a well-known anthropologist specializin in Mayan cultures in Mexico. She was active in efforts to preserve the rain-fores of Chiapas (Mexico)
Mammillaria (M.centricirrha v., M.magnimamma v.) bockii
(now Mammillaria theresae)

named in 1847 for Herrn BOCK in Frankfurt a.M.

13. Echinocereus bonkerae discovered by Mrs. FRANCES (LUCY) BONKER (1891-1959), writer, adult educator, writings on the desert Cacti, co-autor of The Fantastic Clan, an early book on the cactus family (1932)
14. Lobivia bonnieae

15. Puna bonnieae

Mrs. BONNIE BRUNKOW - one of discoverers

16. Mammillaria brandegeei Mrs. KATHERINE MARY BRANDEGEE (1844-1920) San Diego (USA), American distinguished botanist, expert and author Californian cacti, editor of "Zoë" - journal about new cacti
17. Pierrebraunia brauniorum named for Pierre J.BRAWN and his wife BEATE OLMA (see 9)
18. Mammillaria (M.hahniana ssp.) bravoae

19. Echinoffosulocactus bravoae

20. Opuntia bravoana

21. Ariocarpus bravoanus

22. Bravocactus horripilus

Prof. HELIA BRAVO-HOLIS 1901-2001 (Institute of Biology Mexico-Chapultepec), author of monograph of Mexican cacti, member IOS (see also 59-61)
23. Cleistocactus brookei (brookeae) WINIFRED Mary Adelaide BROOKE (1893-1975), British botanist and artist who collected thousands of seeds in expeditions to South Africa, Bolivia and Sarawak (Borneo)
24. Gymnocalycium bruchii v. brigittae BRIGITTE PILTZ, the wife of Joerg Piltz - known German seed retailer (see also 120)
25. Mammillaria heyderi v. bullingtoniana Mrs. EUNICE BULLINGTON, she was a great help to the autors in study of the plant in the southerns part of New Mexico
26. Mammillaria carmenae Prof. CARMEN GONZALES-CASTANEDA, the wife of Marcelino Castaneda - author of the description of species and genus Neogomesia
27. Mediolobivia (Rebutia, Lobivia nigricans v.) carmeniana Mrs. CARMEN ROSA ESTRADE (University Salta, Argentyna)
28. Mediolobivia (Digitorebutia, Rebutia, Lobivia steinmanii v.) christinae Mrs. CHRISTINA TEJON, explorer, draftswoman (Museum La Plata, Argentyna)
29. Sclerocactus cloverae (cloveriae, cloverii) Dra. ELZADA URSEBA CLOVER (1897-1980), the American botanists, a specialist on succulents, explorer, writer
30. Mammillaria cowperae Mrs. JANE Katharine COWPER (b. 1932), the wife of James Denis Cowper, prominent English expert of cacti (especially Mammillaria)
31. Epithelantha dickisoniae

32. Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus v. dickisoniae

discovered by Mrs. SHIRLEY DICKISON (San Saba, Texas, USA)
33. Arrojadoa dinae DINA BUINING, the wife of Albert H. Buining - prominent Dutch expert of Brazilian cacti (Buiningia gen., Frailea buiningiana, Lobivia buiningiana, Parodia buiningiana, Rebutia buiningiana, Rebutia archibuiningiana, Gymnocactus buiningii, Notocactus buiningii, Uebelmannia buiningii, Weingartia buiningiana)
34. Harrisia donae-antoniae DONA ANTONIA, the last queen of the Calusa Indians of Florida
35. Sulcorebutia dorana DORA GREY, the friend of life Hansjorg Jucker (Sulcorebutia junckeri
36. Gymnocalycium pflanzii ssp. dorisiae DORIS AMERHAUSER (1943-), the wife of Helmut Amerhauser (1941-), an Austrian cactus collector, specialist on Gymnocalycium, co-founder of Austrian Arbeitsgemeinschaft Gymnocalycium; explored in Argentina, Bolivia & Paraguay (Gymnocalycium amerhauseri). Doris has also a great collection of other cacti
37. Andenea dragai

38. Lobivia dragai
(Lobivia chrysantha)
DRAHOMIRA (DRAGA) FRIÈ, the wife of Albert V. Friè - well-known Czech collector of cacti; works on system of cacti (Fricara [hybr.], Echinopsis poco v. friciana, Parodia friciana, Gymnocalycium fricianum, Notocactus fricianus, Cephalocereus fricii, Cleistocactus strausii v., Echinopsis fricii, Lophophora fricii, Mediolobivia fricii, Stenocereus fricii)
39. Ferocactus (F.cylindraceus v., F.acanthodes v.) eastwoodiae ALICE EASTWOOD (1859-1953) distinguished Californian botanist, collector (plants of Western United States), autor of a lot articles, editor of "Zoe", Curator and Head of the Department of Botany, her main botanical interest were American Liliaceae
40. Sulcorebutia elizabethae discovered by ELIZABETH VAN ZOMOREN, nurse, The wife of Johann de VREIS, collected in Boliwia together
41. Turbinicarpus ellisae NATALIA V. ELLIS, an Ukraine's cactus enthusiast
42. Lobivia emmae EMMA BACKEBERG, the wife of Curt Backeberg - known German expert and collector of cacti (7 expeditions), author of articles and books (monograph "Die Cactaceae") (Backebergia gen., Lobivia backebergiana, Mammillaria backebergiana, Parodia backebergiana, Sulcorebutia backebergiana, Cephalocereus backebergii, Echinopsis backebergii, Frailea asterioides v. backebergii, Gymnocalycium denudatum v. backebergii, Neoporteria backebergii, Opuntia backebergii)
43. Strombocactus disciformis ssp. esperanzae Dona ESPERANZA BENAVIDES DE VELASQUEZ, from Xichu
44. Notocactus (Parodia mammulosa ssp.) eugeniae discovered by EUGENIA VAN VLIET, the wife of Dirk van Vliet - Dutch collector of cacti (especially Notocacti) (Notocactus vanvlietii)
45. Gymnocalycium damsii ssp. evae EVA MILT, the wife of J.MILT, Czech lover of cacti, autor of the desciption this plant (Gymnocalycium miltii)
46. Melocactus evae dr EVA (Visnyovszky) MESZAROS, microbiolobist, worked in Cuba (1973-1975), the wife of Zoltan Meszaros - Hungarian botanist, expert and collector of Cuban cacti
47. Navajoa fickeisenii (Pediocactus peeblesianus ssp. fickeiseniae) (named after Mrs. and Mr. FICKEISEN), Mrs. FLORENCE R. FICKEISEN made a foto of this plant
48. Epiphyllum gaillardae Mrs. M.M.GAILLARD, who collected the original plant in Panama (1909)
49. Gymnocalycium monvillei v. gertrudae named by Austrian expert and collector of cacti (especially Gymnocalycium) Gert Neuhuber (Gymnocalycium neuhuberi) to honour GERTRUDA LUGMYAR, which was helping to protect his cacti (see also 57)
50. Epiphyllum gertrudianum GERTRUDE BEAHM, the wife of Sherman E. Beahm, both well known epiphyllum growers and one of the founders of the Epiphyllum Society of America
51. Mammillaria (M.schiedeana v.) giselae)

GISELA GALLEGOS HERNANDEZ DE MARTINEZ, the wife of the J.G.Martinez-Avalos (senior autor of plant)

52. Mammillaria hamiltonhoytea (hamiltonhoytiae)

A. SHERMAN-HOYT (born Minerva HAMILTON), organizer (from 1926) the exhibition of Wild American Plant in Los Angeles

53. Arequipa hazelii [commercial name] HAZEL JOHNSON (1903-1974), the wife of Harry Johnson, American gardener and explorer of cacti (Johnson-hybrid's - Lobivia x Echinopsis), owner of big garden in Fallbrook, California, USA (Lobivia johnsoniana, Weberbauerocereus johnsonii, Opuntia johnsonii)
54. Mammillaria heeriana (Mammillaria hamata) Mrs. E. HEER, Swiss lover of cacti, long standing member of Schweizerische Kakteen-Gesellschaft
55. Mammillaria heidiae

56. Gymnocalycium kieslingii v. heidiae

discovered by HEIDI KRÄHENBÜHL, the wife of Felix Krähenbühl - Swiss amateur of cacti, expert of Mammillaria (Mammillaria kraehenbuehlii, Mammillaria felicis)
57. Gymnocalycium x heidiae naturally occuring hybrid (probably Gymnocalycium baldianum x Gymnocalycium rosae) HEIDI (Heidemarie) NEUHUBER, the wife of Gert Neuhuber, see 49
58. Heliocereus schrankii v. helenae Mrs. HELEN O'GORMAN, a Mexican collector and cactophile
59. Heliabravoa gen. (Polaskia, Myrtillocactus)

60. Opuntia heliabrovoana

61. Opuntia heliae

Prof. HELIA BRAVO-HOLIS, see 18-22

62. Hatiora herminiae
HERMINIA VIOLETTA LELONG (1909-2010), the wife of botanist Alberto Castellanos ((1896-1968) (Castellanosia)
63. Lobivia higginsiana
(Lobivia pentlandii)
Mrs. VERA HIGGINS (Higg.) (1892-1968), prominent author and translator of cacti work, President National Cactus and Succulent Society of England (1949-1962)
64. Cleistocactus hildegardiae

65. Hildewintera aureispina

HILDEGARDA WINTER (1893-1975) the sister of Friedrich Ritter prominent expert and discoverer of the lot of cacti (Ritterocereus gen., Aztekium ritteri, Cereus ritteri, Cleistocactus ritteri, Echinoceresus ritteri, Echinopsis ritteri, Espostoa ritteri, Eulychnia, Matucana ritteri, Melocactus violaceus ssp. ritteri, Notocactus securituberculatus v. ritteri, Neoporteria ritteri, Opuntia ritteri, Oreocereus ritteri, Parodia ritteri, Sulcorebutia ritteri, Frailea ritteriana, Mammillaria ritteriana, Gymnocalycium ritterianum), see also 150-159
66. Discocactus zehntneri v. horstiorum Leopold and MELITA HORST see 104
67. Sclerocactus wetlandicus v. ilseae ILSE HOCHSTÄTTER, the wife of Fritz Hochstätter, German expert of cacti (especially Pediocactus, Sclerocactus)
68. Mammillaria inaiae INA Y. CRAIG (1903-1994), born Mina Johana Lindstrom in Finland, came to U.S.A. in 1921, wife of dr Robert T. Craig (California) - expert of Mammillaria (Mammillaria craigii, Mammillaria kewensis v. craigiana)
69. Pediocactus simpsonii v. indranus (indraianus) INDRA HOCHSTÄTTER, the doughter of Fritz Hochstätter (see 67)
70. Borzicactus janae
JANA HORAÈEK, the wife of Ladislav Horaèek, Czech lover of cacti, (Ariocarpus elongatus v. horacekii), see also 85
71. Ariocarpus retusus ssp. jarmilae

72. Echinocactus horizonthalonius ssp. jarmilae

73. Stenocactus jarmilae

74. Strombocactus jarmilae

75. Thelocactus bueckii ssp. jarmilae

76. Thelocactus hexaedrophorus ssp. jarmilae

77. Turbinicarpus pseudopectinatus ssp. jarmilae

78. Weingartia jarmilae

JARMILA HALDOVA, the wife of Josef J. Halda, Czech expert of cacti, autor of the description of species
79. Sulcorebutia jolantana
JOLANTA SWOBODA, Pole by birth from Warsaw, the wife of Heinz Swoboda (Austria) (Sulcorebutia swobodae, Turbinicarpus swobodae)
80. Gymnocalycium supsp. achirasense v. kainradliae Mrs. ANDREA E.KAINRADL, accompanied Gert Neuhuber (see 46) on his journeys to Argentina within the years 1988 and 1991
81. Notocactus katharinae (catharinense?) KATHARINA MALY, the wife of know Austrian gardener Gerard Maly - acompanied Walter Rausch (see 96) on his journeys in 1970 (Austrocylindropuntia malyana, Parodia malyana)
82. Sulcorebutia(Aylostera, Rebutia) kruegeri discovered by ANNA MARIA KRÜGER, German-Bolivian
83. Gymnocactus horripilus ssp. kvetae

84. Thelocactus hexaedrophorus ssp. kvetae

KVETA CHVASTEK, the wife of ing. Jaromir Chvastek, Czech lover of cacti, autor of the desciption of species
85. Parodia ladae LADA HORAÈEK, the doughter of Ladislav Horaèek, see 70
86. Discocactus lindanus

87. Pilosocereus lindanus

LINDEVALDA BORGES PEREIRA, the wife of Eddie Esteves Pereira (Arthrocereus melanurus ssp. estevesii, Coleocephalocereus estevesii, Discocactus estevesii, Facheiroa estevesii, Leocereus estevesii, Melocactus estevesii, Opuntia estevesii, Pilosocereus estevesii, Siccobaccatus estevesii), Brazilian explorer and expert of brazilian cacti, that (since 1973) together P.J.Braun (see 9) and others, discovered and published dozens of new cacti species from Brazil (LINDA= beautiful, is a Brazilian nick name to Lindevalda)
88. Mammillaria (M.goodridgii v., M.hutchisoniana ssp.) louisae discovered by Mrs. LOUISA HUTCHINSON, the mather of Theodore [Ted] Hutchison (1904-1974), she explored in Baja California with son in 1930
89. Mammillaria luthieniae LUTHIEN TINUVIEL, the Tolkien elvish princess, see also 139
90. Heliocereus luzmariae LUZ MARIA VILLARREAL de PUGA (b.1913), Mexican botanist, director of the Botanical Institute of the Universidad de Guadalajara and a founding member and organizer of the cactological society of Jalisco and cooridnator of the project "Cactological Flora of the State of Jalisco"
91. Selenicereus macdonaldiae Plant was named for Susannah Fox-Strangways (1794-1854), niece of the 2nd Earl of Ilchester and wife of Lt. General Alexander MacDonald, governor of British Honduras in 1829-1830 and 1837-1943. She received plant from Honduras
92. Matucana (Borzicactus) madisoniorum named for Marschall P. and ELENA EYRE MADISON (California) who have for many years contributed to the Cactus and Succulent Research Fond and contributed to the support of the expedition during which this plant was discovered
93. Mammillaria mainae(mainiae) discovered by F.M. MAIN, born Ernestine Francis Ellis (1853-1901), the wife of Frank F.Main, commemorates her work; her collection was made in the vicinity of Nogales (Mexico)
94. Marenopuntia gen.

95. Opuntia (Marenopuntia) marenae

discovered by MAREN B.PARSONS, wife of Sidney H.Parsons, California (author of descriptions this plant)
96. Rebutia (R.padcayensis v.) margarethae MARGARETHA RAUSCH, the wife of Walter Rausch - known Austrian collector and expert of cacti (Echinopsis rauschii, Gymnocalycium rauschii, Lobivia rauschii, Notocactus rauschii, Parodia rauschii, Sulcorebutia rauschii, Lobivia walteri, Rebutia walteri) - see also 129
97. Echinocereus mariae discovered by MARIA POLASKI, the wife of Charles Polaski, American collector of cacti (Polaskia gen., Turbinicarpus polaskii, Lobivia polaskiana)
98. Sulcorebutia mariana MARIA AUGUSTIN, the wife of Karl Augustin - the known Sulcorebutia and Weingartia expert, long-standing president of the Austrian Cacti Society (Parodia augustinii, Sulcorebutia augustinii)
99. Wilcoxia mariana (Peniocereus marianus) MARIE ANN GENTRY, the wife of Howard Scott Gentry, American botanist, member of IOS (Echinocereus gentryi, Mammillaria sonorensis v. gentryi)
100. Rebutia (Mediolobivia) marieae MARIE FISCHER, the wife of Ladoslav FISCHER, Czech lover of cacti (Echinomastus mariposensis ssp. fischeri, Gymnocalycium fischeri)
101. Mammillaria sinforosensis var. marionae MARION SCHUMACHER, the wife of Rudi Schumacher
102. Arrojadoa marylanae MARYLAN COELHO (fl.2003), Student at State University of South-Western Bahia, Brazil
103. Mammillaria (M.fittkaui f.) mathildae Mrs. MATHILDA WAGNER. Willi Wagner (nephew of Schmoll - Echinocereus schmollii, Thelocactus schmollii, Mammillaria schmollii) founded with family "Quinta Fdo Schmoll" cacti garden in Mexico (Opuntia wagneri, Mammillaria wagneriana, Parodia wagneriana, Thelocactus wagnerianus, Gymnocalycium wagnerianum)
104. Helioselenius (Cereus grandiflorus v.) maynardiae (maynardii) Viscountess MAYNARD
105. Frailea melitae MELITA HORST, the wife of Leopold Horst - discoverer a lot of the plants in Brazil - e.g. (with Buining) Uebelmannia gen. (Arrojadoa horstiana, Cleistocactus horstii, Discocactus horstii, Discocactus zehntneri ssp. horstiorum, Frailea horstii, Gymnocalycium horstii, Melocactus horstii, Notocactus horstii, Notocactus ottonis v. horstii, Opuntia horstii, Wigginsia horstii) (see also 66)
106. Parodia mercedesiana MERCEDES HERZOG, the wife of Dieter Herzog (Parodia herzogii, Sulcorebutia herzogii)
107. Mammillaria camptotricha cv. Mme Marnier Mrs MARNIER, (see 7)
108. Mammillaria moeller-valdezi L. MÖLLER-VALDEZ, Heinrich Möller sister-in-law (Corynopuntia moelleriana, Echinocereus moelleri, Mammillaria moelleriana, Notocactus moelleri, ) expert of Mammillaria author of the description of species (see also 142)
109. Morangaya pensilis named for Reid Moran and Ed & BETTY GAY
110. Lobivia muhriae (Lobivia chrysantha v.)

111. Parodia muhrii (Parodia variicolor)

DOROTHEA MUHR (b. 1924) in German, from 1958 in Argentina, collected and discovered many new, beautiful cacti
112. Gymnocalycium nataliae NATALIA SCHELKUNOVA, Russian lower of cacti from Moscow
113. Turbinicarpus saueri ssp. nelissae NELISSA PANAROTTO, the daughter of Paolino Panarotto - Italian nurseryman, expert of Turbinicarpus (Ariocarpus retusus ssp., Turbinicarpus panarottoi)
114. Escobaria (Coryphantha, Mammillaria) nellieae (neliae) NELIE DAVIS, the wife of A. R. Davis (Echinocereus davisii, Hamatocactus hamatocactus v. davisii)
115. Coryphantha(C. sulcata v., Mammillaria) nickelsae (nickelsiae) ANNA B. NICKELS, cacti collector, grower and exporter of cacti from Texas (USA) - in XIX cent.
116. Opuntia (Tephrocactus) noodtiae dr HILDA NOODT
117. Mammillaria (M.grahamii v.) oliviae OLIVIA ORCUTT, the wife or C.R.Orcutt dealer of cacti in XIX cent. (Coryphantha orcuttii, Echinocereus orcuttii, Ferocactus orcuttii, Hamatocactus setispinus v., Mammillaria orcuttii, Pachycereus orcuttii)
118. Schlumbergera orssichiana named so honor of Countess BEATRIX ORSSICH (Brazil) who discovered this species. She was from Austrian Origin
119. Sulcorebutia tarabucoensis ssp. patriciae (S.patricii) PATRICIA MONICA MICHEL MENDOZA (1964-x), the wife of Brian Bates, senior author of taxon - lover of cacti, explorer of Bolivia
120. Gymnocalycium piltziorum
121. Parodia piltziorum
Joerge and BRIGITTE PILTZ, German lovers of cacti (see 24)
122. Rhipsalis rauhiorum HILDA RAUHand her husband Werner RAUH German botanist, discoverer of new cacti and another succulents from Peru, Madagascar etc. (Rauhocereus gen., Armatocereus rauhii, Tephrocactus, Pereskia humboldii v. rauhii, Weberbauerocereus rauhii),
123. Sulcorebutia (S. totorensis v.) renatae RENATA GERTEL, the wife of Willi Gertel (Ingelheim, Germany)
124. Gymnocalycium bruchii subsp. renatae Mrs. RENATE STUPETZKY, accompanied Gert Neuhuber (see 46) on his many journeys
125. Rooksbya gen.

126. Mammillaria scripsiana v. rooksbyana

ELLEN ROOKSBY - Ellen Maria Knoll (1873-1952) (Pasadena, USA) long standing editor of botanical journal "Desert Plant Life" - mainly about cacti and succulents
126. Gymnocalycium rosae ROSA TILL (1926-?), the wife of Hans TILL - Austrian grower, explorer and discoverer of new cacti, expert Lobivia Gymnocalycium, Sulcorebutia (Gymnocalycium tillianum, Pilosocereus tilianus, Parodia tillii), the mother of Walter Till
128. Pilosocerus rosae discovered by ROSA UEBELMANN, the wife of Werner UEBELMANN - Swiss prominent grower, importer and discoverer of cacti in Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay (Uebelmannia gen., Parodia uebelmanniana, Soehrensia uebelmanniana, Gymnocalycium uebelmannianum, Notocactus uebelmannianus, Melocactus uebalmanianus, Coleocephalocereus pluricostatus ssp. uebelmanniorum and another), see also 140
129. Lobivia formosa v. rosarioana ROSARIO RAUSCH, Argentinian, the second wife of Walter Rausch, see 96
130. Erdisia ruthae RUTH LARABE (who donated Quail Gardens) - a traveling companions (with her husband Charls) in excursion of Harry Johnson (see 53) through Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Yucatan (1951)
131. Mammillaria saboae discovered (1965) by KATHRYN SABO, meritous member and president (1981-1982) of the CSSA, owner of the imposing succulent garden
132. Mammillaria (M.crinita) v. scheinvariana

133. Opuntia scheinvariana

Dra LEIA [Akcelrad Lerner de] SCHEINVAR Mexican botanists (UNAM)
134. Tephrocactus (Opuntia) staffordae discovered by Dora B. STAFFORD, who collected plant in Peru (1937)
135. Echinocereus (E.dasyacanthus v., E.pectinatus v.) steereae discovered by LOIS STEERE
136. Austrocylindropuntia steiniania HILDEGUNDA STEIN, meritorious collaborator of Curt Backeberg see 42
137. Gymnocalycium bruchii ssp. suzannae Mag. SUZANNA JARMER, the wife of dr Christian Jarmer, both are authors of morphological research
138. Mammillaria(M.sonorensis v.) tayloriorum SUZANNA and Bob TAYLOR
139. Mammillaria theresae Mrs. John Anthony Bock of Sharon, Pennsylvania, born THERESA WILHELMINA HILLER (1906-1969)>
140. Mammillaria tinuvieliae LUTHIEN TINUVIEL, the Tolkien elvish princess, see also 89
141. Coleocephalocereus pluricostatus ssp. uebelmanniorum named for ROSA and Werner UEBELMANN see 128
142. Gymnocactus(Thelocactus, Turbinicarpus, Normanbokea) valdezianus L. MÖLLER-VALDEZ, see 108
143. Sulcorebutia veronikae VERONIKA LIPS the daughter od Jiri Lips - Czech nurseryman
144. Mammillaria virginis maidenish (virgo= girl, maiden, virgin) for honour a young girl MARIA from Guadeloupe
145. Lobivia wilkeae

146. Echinopsis taquimbalensis v. wilkeae

147. Tephrocactus wilkeanus

discovered by KÄTE WILKE (1897-1985) German born, hothead and expert of Bolivian cacti
148. Wilmattea gen. WILMATTE P. COCKERELL (the wife of T.D.A.Cockerell), in recognition of her many discoveries of rare plants and animals in Central America
149. Pediocactus winkleri discovered by HARRIET AGNES MORTON WINKLER (1903-1981), teacher of a public school
150. Cleistocactus winteri (Hildewinteria aureispina)

151. Parodia winteri

152. Winteria gen. later syn. (Hildewintera gen.)

153. Mammillaria winteriae

154. Lobivia peclardiana v. winteriae

155. Lobivia winteriana

156. Matucana winteriana

157. Weberbauerocereus winterianus

158. Echinocereus winterianus

159. Winterocereus gen. later. syn. (Hildewintera gen.)

HILDEGARDA WINTER, see also 64, 65
160. Sclerocactus(Pediocactus) wrightiae discovered by DOROTHEA WOODRUFF (earlier WRIGHT) (1928-), botanist, specialist in Cactaceae of Utah
161. Thelocactus (Turbinicarpus) ysabellae named by Kathe Schlange for plants seen in the collection of a lady called YSABEL WRIGHT - Ysabel Suarez Galban (1885-1960) born in Havana, cuba. Married to John Dutton Wright, founder of the Wright Oral School for the Deaf. In 1919 they moved to Montecito, California, where they bought an estate they named 'Quien Sabe.' They began to collect cactus on a very large scale. Mrs. Wright donated to the Huntington Botanical Gardens about 100 of her rare plants.
162. Turbinicarpus horripilus ssp. wrobelianus USCHI WROBEL, the wife of Stefan Nietzschke - autor of of the description of species
163. Parodia zaletaewana IRINA ALEKSANDROWNA ZALETAEWA (1912-1981), distinguished member of the Moscow Cacti Club, patronees Russian lovers of cacti and the autor of book about cacti
164. Aylostera(Sulcorebutia) zavaletae

165. Lobivia zavaletae

to honour PATRICIA ZAVALETA BECKER, the collector plants
166. Mammillaria zublerae (zubleri) RUTH ZUBLER, Swiss cactus enthusiast (Basel)
167. Cylindropuntia antoniae ?
168. Sulcorebutia gemmae ?
169. Mammillaria melilotiae ?
170. Cleistocactus reae ?
171. Schlumbergera x reginae ?
172. Gymnocalycium sindae ?
173. Echinocactus staplesiae ?
174. Rebutia (R.heliosa v. theresae) ?

. . . and another succulents

Kalanchoe adelae
Madame ADELE DE CHARTIER (fl.1908) the friend of autor this species Raymond-Hammet

Dudleya alainae
ALAINA REISER, the daughter of Craig Reiser, who discovered this species

Plectranthus (P.madagascariensis v.) aliciae
ALICE MARGUERITE PEGLER (1861-1929), teacher, botanist & naturalist - plant and insect collector in South Africa, see also peglerae

Sempervivum x alidae
ALIDA ZONNEVELD, the wife of autor this species B.J.M.Zonneveld

Euphorbia ambroseae
Mrs M.N.AMBROSE, collected in South Rhodesia and Mozambique for L.C.Leach

Aloe angelicae
ANGELIQUE WALLACE, the wife of R.C.Wallace, former Chief Engineer of South African Railways

Conophytum angelicae
ANGELIKA RUSCH, the wife of Ernst Rusch, explorer of South African succulents (Ruschia, Ruschianthemum, Ruschianthus)

Lithops gesinae v. annae
ANNA E. GEYER-JOUBERT, the wife of Dr. Albertus Loreus GEYER from Barrydale, RSA

Sempervivum annae
ANNA S. SCHCHIAN (1905-1990) Russian botanist, explorer of Caucas

Euphorbia annamarieae
Mrs ANNAMARIE BRAUS-ROSS, Obersdorf (Germany), sponsor of a Werner Rauh expedition to Madagascar

Lampranthus (Mesembryanthemum) arbuthnotiae
ISOBEL AGNES ARBUTHNOT (1870-1963), Irish, to RSA in 1888, herbarium assistant at Bolus Herbarium (1918-1939), at Compton Herbarium (1939-1945), explored and collecet in RSA

Lithops archerae
Mrs JACOBA M.N.ARCHER, South Africa

Lithops aucampiae
Miss Juanita AUCAMP, her father's large farm near Postmasburg provided a vast area for collecting plants during the early 1930's.

Aloe barberae, Brachystelma barberiae
MARY ELIZABETH BARBER (born Bowker), England (1818-1899), South African natural historian and artist

Aridaria barkerae, Conophytum barkerae, Drosanthemum barkerae
WINSOME FANNY BARKER, born Jamestown (1907-1994), South African plant collector

Sedum batallae
Dr MARIA AGUSTINA BATALLA ZEPEDA, botanist at the University of Mexico

Haworthia batteniae
AURIOL URSULA (1918-?), botanical artist from East London, South Africa

Dyckia beateae (Bromeliaceae)

Lampranthus (Mesemb.) berghiae
Mrs J.BERGH (fl.1937)

Aloe bernadettae
discovered by BERNADETTE CASTILLON, cultivator of Mada succulents,The wife (?) of Prof. Jean-Bernard Castillon, Frenchman, University de la Reunion (France)

Aloe bertemariae, Euphorbia bertemariae,
BERTE MARIE ULVESTER, the wife of Dr Maurizio Dioli (University of Parma, Italy), Norwegian veterinarian in Kenya and Ethiopia, (see also isabellae)

Dudleya (D.abramsii ssp.) bettinae
BETTINA [BETTY] LOUISE HOOVER [born Brown] (1912-1992 the wife of Robert Francis Hoover (1913-1970) {Hoover} American botanist, explored in California

Bijla gen., Aridaria (Spalmanthus) bijliae, Conicosia bijliae, Machairophyllum bijliae, Psilocaulon bijliae, Ruschia bijliae, Stapelia bijliae
DEBORAH SUSANNA VAN DER BIJL (born Malan) from RSA - collector of South African plants (fl.1930), founder of 'South African Succulent Society', send plants to N.E.Brown

Gibbaeum blackurniae, Haworthia blackurniae
Mrs. H.BLACKBURN, wife of former station master of Calitzdorp, South Africa

Tylecodon bleckiae
MARY BLECK (1932-1999) co-owner with spouse John Bleck of Abbey Gardens in Santa Barbara, California (USA) - 1973-79, curator of succulent colection at Johannesburg, RSA, botanical garden - 1983-90, Explorer in Baja California, Mexico, Canary Islands, Kenya, Namibia, Zimbabwe & RSA, member an IOS (from 1974), see also mariae

Dudleya blochmaniae
IDA MAY BLOCHMAN (1854-1931), a teacher in the Santa Maria Valley, California (USA)

Tylecodon bodleyae
Mrs. ELISE BODLEY, a well known botanical artist who illustrated most Cotyledon and Tylecodon species, see also eliseae

Conophytum bolusiae, Mesembryanthemum bolusiae, Ruschia bolusiae
prof. dr. Harriet Margaret LOUISA BOLUS (1897-1978), South African botanist, member of IOS - she described 1.445 species

Monadenium bodenghieniae
Mademoselle BODENGHIEN (fl.1987) Belgian; traveled w F Malaisse

Dorotheanthus booyseniae
LISABEL IRENE HALL [born BOOYSEN] (1919-2008), South African botanist & teacher with a Bcs at Pretoria University, specialist in Bulbine genus; the wife of of Harry Hall (1906-1986) see also lisabeliae

Sedum borissovae, Sempervivum borissovae
ANTONINA GEORGIEVNA BORISSOVA-BEKRJASHEVA (1903-1970), Russian botanist, author of Crassulaceae in Flora U.R.S.S.

Leipoldtia britteniae, Haworthia britteniana
Miss GRACE Violet BRITTEN (1904-1987), technical assistant to a member of curators the Albany Museum Herbarium that were appointed by the Botanical Research Institute of their Grahamstown Botanical Research Unit (Department of Agriculture) in South Africa, cousin of L.L.Britten, see also gratiae, venusta

Delosperma britteniae, Faucaria britteniae
Mrs. LILIAN LOUISA BRITTEN (1886-1952), a lecturer in botany at Rhodes University in South Africa, cousin of G.V.Britten

Brachystelma bruceae, Kniphofia praecox ssp. bruceae
EILEEN ADELAIDEBRUCE (1905-1955), botanist at the Royal Botanic Garden, Kew

Delosperma burtoniae , Ruschia burtoniae
HELEN MARIE ROUSSEAU BURTON [born Kennemeyer] (1878-1973), RSA; amateur, naturalist and collector, she sent plant to museum in London and Grahamstown

Agave caeciliana
CECIL HANBURY, Botanic Garden La Mortola, Italia

Echeveria calderonae
GRACIELA CALDERON RZEDOWSKI, Mexican botanist, the wife of Jerzy Rzedowski (Opuntia rzedowskii)

Aloe carolineae
CAROLINE WHEELER (1960-2000), Kenya, she was active with spouse Charlie Wheeler in conservation of Kenya's environment and protection of Ngar Ndare Forest

Delosperma carterae
Miss BEATRICE ORCHARD CARTER (1889-1939) English to RSA; botanical artist at Bolus Herbarium, specialized in the Mesembs, especially Conophytums

Euphorbia carterana
SUSAN CARTER HOLMES (1933-) the English botanist (Kew Garden), see also holmesiae and susan-holmesiae

Xysmalobium (Glossostelma) ceciliae
ALICIA MARGARET CECIL (born Tyssen-Amherst) (?-1941), British gardener, flower painter & author; invested as a Dame of Grace, Order of St. John of Jerusalem & as a Member 1918 & Commander 1920, Order of the British Empire; the wife of Evelyn Cecil, first Baron Rockley (1865-1941)

Sedum celiae
Mademoiselle ALICE LEBLANC (by inversion of the Christian name) (see also leblancae)

Sempervivum charadzeae
ANNA LUKIANOVNA CHARADZE (Kharadze) (1905-1971), Russian botanist, she explored Caucas (Rusia)

Conophytum chauviniae
MARIE von CHAUVIN, distinguished naturalist and member of early mesemb circles in German

Brachystelma christianeae
CHRISTIANE PECKOVER, the wife of Ralph Peckover - the author of description this species

Lithops christinae
Mrs. CHRISTINA DU TOIT-RETIZ on whose farm the plant was found

Delosperma cloeteae

Monadenium clarae

Crassula coleae
EDITH COLE, England (1859-1940) collector succulents in Somalia and Kenia for a long time, (see also Edithcolea)

Aloe collenetteae
SHEILA COLLENETTE, the English botanist, well-known colector and resercher of african succulents (see also sheilae)

Dudleya collomiae
Mrs. Rose Eudora COLLOM, born Wilson (1877-1956), botanist, Grand canyon National Park

Schwantesia constanceae
KONSTANZE ZIMMERMANN, the wife of Norbert Zimmermann

Ceropegia (C.crassifolia v.) copleyae
GWEN COPLEY (fl. 1940) gardener from Kenya, the wife of Hugh Copley, chief Fisheries Officer, Kenya

Aridaria dejagerae, Cryophytum dejagerae, Drosanthemum dejagerae, Psilocaulon dejagerae, Ruschia dejagerae, Sceletium dejagerae
INA DE JAGER (fl.1929-1930)

Delosperma deleeuwiae

Chasmatophyllum dinterae
JUTTA DINTER, see Juttadintera )

Aloe doddsiorum
discovered by MARIA & ANTHOHY DODDS, naturalist from Kenia

Gasteria doreeniae
discovered by DOREEN COURT, author of Succulent Flora of South Africa

Dorotheanthus gen., Aloe dorotheae
DOROTHEA SCHWANTES, the mather of Dr. Martin Heinrich SCHWANTES

Lithops dorotheae
Dr. DOROTHEA CHRISTINA van HUYSSTEEN, the daughter of Aletta Helena Eksteen

Drosanthemum duplessiae, Acrodon(Ruschia) duplessiae

Ornithogalum duthiae, Psilocaulon duthieae, Ruschia duthiae , Stomatium duthieae
AUGUSTA VERA DUTHIE (1881-1963), South Africa

Villadia (Sedum) dyvrandae

Gormania eastwoodiae

Edithcolea gen., Caralluma edithae
discovered by EDITH COLE, see coleae

Conophytum edithiae, Lithops edithiae
Miss EDITH BROWN, the daughter of Dr N.E.Brown, curator of Kew Gardens of London

Caralluma (C.gracilipes ssp.) edwardsiae
Miss SUE EDWARDS (fl. 1977) British botanist in Ethiopia

Delosperma edwarsiae, Drosanthemum edwardsiae, Conophytum edwardsiae , Mesembryanthemum (Lampranthus) edwarsiae
GWENDOLEN EDWARDS (1888-1960), South Africa

Haworthia eilyae
EILY EDITH AGNES ARCHIBALD (later Mrs Gledhill) (1916-?), South Africa

Lithops eksteeniae
perhaps ALETTA HELENA EKSTEEN, see Lithops dorotheae

Lithops elisabethiae
collected by Mrs ELISABETH SCHNEIDER, South Africa

Conophytum elisae, Lithops elisae
Miss J.J.ELISA van den THOORN, secretary of The Nehterlands Society of Succulent Plant Collectors

Cotyledon eliseae
ELISE BODLEY, South African botanical artist, see also bodleyae

Agave elizae, Aloe elizae
ELIZA BERGER, the wife of Alwin BERGER (1871-1931) (Bergerocactus, Coryphantha bergeriana, Opuntia bergeriana, Cereus bergerianus) - famous German expert of cacti and another succulents, author of the description of species, author monographie Die Entwicklungslinien der Kakteen

Tylecodon ellaphiae, Gasteria ellaphieae , Pelargonium ellaphieae
JOHANNA ELLAPHIE WARD-HILHORST (1920-1994), well-known South African botanical artist, tragically murdered. Painted notably pelargoniums and gasterias

Raphionacme elsana
ELSA POOLEY (born Elsa Susanna Bond: 1947 in Johannesburg) South African botanist, landscaper, tour guide, and artist; wife of Tony Pooley (1938-2004), a crocodile expert as well as NPB official

Crassula elsieae

Haworthia emelyae
Mrs. EMELY FERGUSON, Riversdale, RSA, see also fergusoniae

Prenia (Aridaria, Mesembryanthemum) englishiae
Mrs N.ENGLISH (fl. 1917)

Esterhuysenia gen., Aridaria esterhuyseniae, Delosperma esterhuyseniae, Erepsia esterhuyseniae, Gibbaeum esterhuyseniae, Lampranthus esterhuyseniae, Ruschia esterhuyseniae
Miss ELSIE ELIZABETH (1912-), worked at Bolus Herbarium, Cape Town, South Africa, see also elsieae

Lithops aucampiae v. euniceae

Antimima(Ruschia) fergusoniae, Glottiphyllum fergusoniae, Haworthia fergusoniae, Lampranthus (Mesembryanthemum) fergusoniae, Pleiospilos fergusoniae, Stapelia desmetiana v. fergusoniae, Trichodiadema fergusoniae
Mrs. EMELY FERGUSON, see also emelyae

Lewisia finchae
Mrs. Anna Mary FINCH, born White (1865-1930), the wife of John Milton Finch, the sister of Homer White - see also whiteae)/FONT>

Aloe florenceae
FLORENCE RAZAFINDRATSIRA, the wife of discoverer

Lampranthus francesiae
FRANCES MARGARET LEIGHTON (later Isaac) (1909-?), South African botanist, she worked at Bolus Herbarium (1931-1947), see also leightoniae

Conophytum francoiseae
FRANCOISE MARIE-LISE WILLIAMSON [born Clerc], Swiss teacher and plant collector - the wife of botanist & taxonomist Graham Williamson, she organized their desert expedition (RSA)

Euphorbia franksiae
MILLICENT FRANKS (later Mrs. Flanders) (1886-1961), England

Conophytum friedrichiae, Euphorbia friedrichiae
MARGARETE [Margarethe] FRIEDRICH, who was a teacher in S West Africa, and collected mesemb plants, an IOS member in 1963, (see also margaretae)

Lampranthus (Mesembryanthemum) galpiniae
MARIE ELIZABETH GALPIN [born de Jongh] (-1933); RSA artist, the wife of Ernest Edward Galpin. They explored all over southern Africa

Lithops gesinae
GESINA de BOER, the wife of Hindrick Wijbrand de BOER, 20th century succulents collector from the Netherland

Euphorbia trichadenia v.gibbsiae
Miss LILIAN SUZETTE GIBBS (1870-1925) English botanist, collected in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, US

Marsdenia gillespieae
Dr LYNN J. GILLESPIE (fl.1991), American botanist, research scientist at Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottowa, Ontario, Canada; interested in systematics & evolution of Euphorbiaceae; explored in Costa Rica & Guyana 1989-91;

Lithops glaudinae
Mrs GLAUDINA VENTER-JACOBS of Pretoria, South Africa - her father owned the farm which is the first-known locality for this plant

Aridaria godmaniae, Drosanthemum godmaniae, Lampranthus (Mesembryanthemum) godmaniae
Mrs. ALICE GODMAN, South Africa

Aeonium goochiae
named by Webb. (first autor) after his mother, whose maiden name was GOOCH

Ruschia goodiae
Mrs. R.GOOD (fl.1923)

Delosperma grantiae
possibly Dr. ADELE GRANT (born Lewis) (1881-1869), American botanist teaching in SOuth Africa (1925-1930)

Aridaria gratiae, Delosperma gratiae, Faucaria gratiae
(latinized name of Grace) GRACE VIOLET BRITTEN, see britteniae

Oscularia guthrieae
Miss LOUISE GUTHRIE (1879-1966) botanical assistant at Bolus Herbarium, Univ. of Cape Town. RSA

Lavrania haagnerae
collected by Mrs. PEGGY HAAGNER

Conophytum hanae

Yucca harrimaniae
MARY HARRIMAN [born Averell], Utah, USA; spouse Edward Henry Harriman (1848-1909), a railroad magnate

Aloe hazeliana
HAZEL O. MUNCH [born Elske] (1912-2001), explored in Chimanimani Mtns in Zimbabwe with spouse Raymond Charles Munch (1901-1985), farmer near Rusape, Zimbabwe; had garden of native plants, including Aloes & Cycades

Aloe helenae

Conophytum helenae
HELENA van HEERDE, plant discovered by both her and spouse Piet van Heerde 1937

Haworthia helmiae, Gibbaeum helmiae,
Mrs M.HELM (fl.1932-1937), South Africa

Neohenricia gen. [=Henricia L.Bolus 1936 non Henricia Cass. 1817]
Dr. MARGUERITE HENRICI (1892-1971), South Africa

Tillandsia hildae
HILDA RAUH, the wife of Prof. Werner Rauh (see 122)

Schizoglossum hilliardiae
OLIVE MARY HILLIARD [nee Hillary] (born 1926), RSA botanist, curator of herbarium at Natal University, interest in flora of Natal & specialist in Streptocarpus>

Beaucarnea hiriartiae

Euphorbia holmesiae
SUSAN CARTER HOLMES, see carterana

Muiria (Gibbaeum) hortenseae
HORTENSE Jeanne SLABBERT (nee MUIR) (1908-1985), the daughter of John MUIR (1874-1947) South African naturalist (Muiria gen., Leucospermum muirii, Erica muirii, Leucadendron muirii, Conophytum muirii), see also suzannae

Euphorbia huttonae

Lampranthus (Mesembryanthemum) immelmaniae, Stapelia immelmaniae
Mrs IMMELMAN, Pipuetberg, RSA

Lithops inae
Lady INA OPPENHEIMER, the wife of Sir Ernest, "for her great interest and love of the South African flora"

Huernia ingeae
INGE PEHLEMANN, collecting, growing and flowering this plant, see also pehlemanniae

Conophytum irmae
discovered by IRMA BURGER of Springbok, RSA

Kleinia isabellae
discovered by ISABELLA DIOLI, the daughter of Maurizio Dioli from Garnes, Norway - author of description this species, (see also bertemariae)

Haworthia isabellae
Mrs ISABELLA KING, South Africa

Conophytum jarmilae, Othonna euphorbioides ssp. jarmilae, Pelargonium jarmilae, Tylecodon jarmilae

Juttadintera gen. , Adromischus juttae, Hoodia juttae, Cyphostemma juttae, Euphorbia juttae , Synaptohyllum juttae, see also dinterae
JUTTA DINTER, the wife of Prof. Kurt Dinter - explorer of succulents

Agave katharinae
Lady KATHARINE HANBURY, the wife of Sir Thomas Hanbury (1832-1907) of La Mortola, Italy, the garden where Alwin Berger, the author, was curator

Haemanthus katherinae
Lady KATHARINE SAUNDERS [born Wheelright] (1824-1901), English collector and botanical artist in South Africa, the wife of James Renault Saunders, mather of Charles James Renault Saunders (1857-1935) (Pachypodium saundersii) explorer and collector in Rhodesia & Mosambique, see also saundersiae

Huernia kennedyana
MIAS KENNEDY, the wife of Hermias C.Kennedy (b.1922), Paarl, RSA

Stapelianthus keraudrenae
MONIQUE KERAUDREN [later Keraudren-Aymonin] (1928-1981), French botanist at Muséum Natl. d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France; specialized on Cucurbitaceae & flora of Mada; spouse Gérard Guy Aymonin, French botanist in Paris

Faucaria kingiae, Pleiospilos kingiae
I.E.KING, South Africa

Delosperma lavisiae
MARY GWENDOLEN [LAVIS] O'CONNOR-FENTON (1903-1982), she worked as an assistant to Louisa Bolus at the Bolus Herbarium

Sedum leblancae, Kalanchoe leblancae
Mademoiselle ALICE LEBLANC (fl. 1910) (see also celiae)

Delosperma leendertziae, Stapelia leendertziae
REINO LEENDERTZ (later Mrs. Pott), Netherlands (1869-1965), Pretoria, South Africa

Conophytum leightoniae, Delosperma leightoniae, Lampranthus (Mesembryanthemum) leightoniae , Ruschia leightoniae (=Lampranthus francesiae)

Fouquieria leonilae
Dra. LEONILA VAZQUEZ, entomologist at the Instituto de Biologia de la Universidad Nacionale de Mexico

Ruschia (Mesembryanthemum) lerouxiae
ANNELISE LE ROUX (1950-), RSA botanist, technician at Bot Research Institute & Dept. of Nature Conservation at Cape 1972-75, collected in Namaqualand

Crassula lettyae
CYTHNA LINDENBERG LETTY (1895-1985), botanical artist (illustrations of South African plants)

Aerva (Arthraerva) leubnitziae
ELSBETH LEUBNITZ, the wife of E.Pechuel-Loesche, explored with him in Hereroland (Namibia)

Crassula levynsiae, Psilocaulon levynsiae
MARGARET RUTHEFORD BRYAN LEVYNS [born Michell] (1890-1975), the wife of John Levyns became Assistant Provincial Secretary of the Cape Province & served on the council of the Botanical Society of South Africa

Lampranthus (Mesembryanthemum) lewisiae, Psilocaulon lewisiae

Conophytum lilianum
LILLIAN LITTLEWOOD, the wife of Ray Charles Littewood (1924-1967), explored with him

Dyckia lindevaldae

Ruschia lisabeliae
LISABEL IRENE HALL, see booyseniae

Sedum longuetae
Mademoiselle MARY LONGUET, see also mariae

Kalanchoe luciae
Mlle. LUCY DUFOUR (fl. 1908), an acquaintance of the French botanist and physician Raymond Hamet, author this species
or named as endemic of St LUCIA PARK (RSA)

Aloe lugardiae, Ceropegia lugardiae, Monadenium lugardiae
Mrs. CHARLOTTE ELEANOR LUGARD (born Howard) (1859-1939), English artist, spouse of E.J.Lugard, with him on British Bechuanaland expedition 1897-99 as collector & painter of plants

Derenbergiella luisae
LUISE (Luisa, Luis ?) DERENBERG, the wife of Julius Derenberg - friend of Schwantes - author this plant

Conophytum luiseae
LUISE MEYER (1905-), daughter of Luise Meyer (see meyerae) and L.Gottlieb Meyer, pastor at Steinkopf & Komaggas, RSA, who discovered a number of mesembs

Conophytum lydiae, Lithops (Ophtalmophyllum) lydiae
LYDIA TRIEBNER, wife of South African collector Wilhelm Triebner (1883-1957)

Sedum magae
Mademe MAG F. (fl.1914)

Lapidaria margaretae
Mrs MARGARETHE FRIEDRICH, discoverer of the species (see friedrichiae)

Bulbine margarethae
Mrs MARGARETHA WIESE, the wife of Buys Wiese, owner of the farm Quaggaskop, South Africa, where the species was discovered

Sedum margaritae

Echidnopsis mariae
MARY BLECK (see bleckiae)

Lithops lesliei v. mariae
Mrs MARIA E.HUYSAMEN, Prieska, Cape Province, South Africa

Sedum mariae
Mademoiselle MARY LONGUET, see also longuetae

Andromischus marianae, Ruschia marianae
Mrs MARIAN MARLOTH, the wife of the author and famous Sout African botanist, Dr Rudolf Marloth (1855-1931)

Brachystelma maritae, Euphorbia maritae
MARITA SPECKS, whife of Ernest SPECKS, German horticulturist (she discovered this plant)

Lithops schwantesii v. marthae
Mrs. MARTHA ERNI, collected by her husband Franz S. Erni

Euphorbia martinae
MARTINE BARDOT-VAUCOULON (1948-), French school teacher and botanist in Mada

Euphorbia meenae
Mrs. MEENA SINGH, Indian botanist, autor "Succulent Plants of India"

Ruschia (Antimima) meyerae, Conophytum meyerae
LUISE MEYER [born Olpp] (1873-1956), RSA, whife of (Revd) L.G.MEYER, accompanied him on collecting trip, see also luiseae

Crassula milfordae
Mrs. HELEN MILFORD (-1940), owner of an alpine nursery at Chedford (England), collected plant in Basutoland (now Lesotho) in 1937-38

Crassula miriamiae
Mrs. MITRIAM DAVIS, Australia

Stapelia molonyae
Mrs. E.R.MOLONY, botanist of the East African @ Uganda Natural History Society in Nairobi, Kenya

Monsonia gen. (Geraniaceae),
Lady ANNE MONSON (1714-1776), English natural historian, plant collector on the Cape of Good Hope and in Bengal

Stomatostemma monteiroae
Mrs. ROSE MONTEIRO (b.1840), the wife of Joachim J. Monteiro (1833-1878), a Portuguese entomologist and naturalist; they collected plant in Angola and Mozambique

Haworthia mucronata v. morrisiae
Mrs. G.MORRIS, whose daughter Doreen Court authored the "Succulent Flora of South Africa"

Lithops naureeniae
Mrs. NAUREEN ADELE COLE (born Lambert), the wife of Desmond Cole - distinguished botanist, expert and lower of Lithops

Delosperma neethlingiae
Dr. MARIE MURRAY NEETHLING [later Vogts] (1908-x) a teacher in South Africa and Protea specialist, collected in southwestern Cape region, a wife of Bernard C.Vogts

Hoya nicholsoniae
is named for Sarah Elizabeth Keightley, at the time of the publication of the taxon (1866,) recently married to Sir Charles Nicholson, 1st Baronet, (who was originally named Isaac Ascough.) Sarah died in 1923. Sir Charles’ dates are 23 November 1808- 8 November 1903. He lived in Australia from 1833-1862 and had been Speaker of the New South Wales Legislative Council, President of the Queensland Legislative Council and vice-provost and later chancellor of University of Sydney. The dedication translate roughly to ”In honor of Lady Nicholson, excellent wife of the most noble Baronet Charles Nicholson.”

Ceropegia noorjahaniae
NOORJAHAN ANSARI, the wife of M.Y. Ansari, Indian botanist

Kleinia (Kleinia picticaulis ssp.) patriciae
Mrs. PATRICIA HALLIDAY (1930-), British botanist at Kew 1947-90; student of Kleinia & Senecio

Ceropegia patriciae
Mrs. PATRICIA HARDY, wife of Dave Hardy, South Africa

Aloe bulbillifera v. paulianae
Madame L.PAULIAN (wife of Dr. Rolnad Paulian, Deputy Director of the Institut Scientifique de Madagascar) who first collected the plant

Lampranthus peacockiae
Mrs W.PEACOCK (fl.1917)

Conophytum pegeae
MARY MAUD PAGE (1867-1925), botanical astrist at Bolus Herbarium, RSA

Aloe peglerae, Crassula peglerae, Delosperma peglerae, Stapelia peglerae
ALICE MARGUERITE PEGLER (1861-1929), see aliciae

Haworthia pehlemanniae
collected by Mrs. (Inge ?) PEHLEMANN, see also ingeae

Adromischus (Cotyledon) phillipsiae, Dorstenia phillipsiae, Euphorbia phillipsae, Sansevieria phillipsiae
Lady LOUISE JANE LORT-PHILLIPS [born Forbes] (fl.1896), Norway, interested in botany and grew Stapeliads, member of Edith Cole expedition to British Somaliland

Lampranthus (Mesembryanthemum) pocockiae
dr MARY AGARD POCOCK (1886-1977), South African algologist and artis, explored in Rhodesia and Angola, lectured at Rhodes University

Aloe powysorum

Sempervivum reginae-amaliae
QUEEN AMALIA (1818-1875), Duchess Amalia (Amelie) of Oldenburg [Germany]. She married Prince Otto of Bavaria (1815-1867) in 1836 after he was named KING of Greece

Euphorbia richardsiae, Aloe richardsiae
H.MERY RICHARD (1885-1977), British to East Africa (1952-74), bot collector in Zambia & Tanzania

Ceropegia robivelonae, Euphorbia robivelonae
Madame ADRIENNE ROBIVELO, Lyon (France), worked as an ethnobotanist in Madagascar

Psilocaulon rogersiae, Trichodiadema rogersiae
BERTHA ROGERS (fl.1928) collector of this species

Cheiridopsis roodiae, Conicosia roodiae, Conophytum roodiae, Pleiospilos roodiae, Punctilaria roodiae, Vanheerdea roodiae
PETRUSA BENJAMINA ROOD [born van Rhyn] (1861-1946) from Vanrhynsdorp, RSA, succulent plan collector, she sent plants and seeds to N.E. Brown, I.B. Pole Evans, N.S. Pillans and T.N. Leslie

Haworthia ryderiana , Stomatium ryderae, Trichodiadema ryderae
ELEANORE FREDERICA RYDER [born Fisher-Rowe] (?-1958), from England, she collected succulents at Cape Province, South Africa.

Lampranthus saueriae, Carpobrotus saueriae
MARY SAUER, South Africa

Aloe saundersiae
Lady KATHERINE SAUNDERS, see katherinae

Rhytidocaulon sheilae, Aloe sheilae
SHEILA COLLENETTE, see collenetteae

Cynanchum sigridiae
Dr SIGRID LIEDE [later Liede-Schumann] (1957-) German botanist; prof of botany at Univ of Bayreuth (Germany); studied under HEK Hartmann; worked at Missouri Bot Garden, St Louis, Missouri; wrote articles on Mesembryanthemaceae & Asclepiadaceae; IOS member 1988

Ceropegia simoneae
SIMONE PETIGNAT - she and her husband accompanied on several excursions of Werner Rauh

Delosperma smythae
Mrs. D.SMYTHE, South Africa

Herreroa stanfordiae, Lampranthus stanfordiae
KATE CANOVA STANFORD (d.1952), South Africa

Ceropegia stentiae
SYDNEY MARGARET STENT (1875-1942), Pretoria, South Africa

Hymenogyne stephensiae
EDITH LAYARD STEPHENS (1884-1966), South Africa

Delosperma steytlerae, Erepsia steytlerae
J.STEYTLER, South Africa

Euphorbia stormiae
colected by MIRIAM STORM (b.1938), Mexico

Ruschia strubeniae
Miss EDITH STRUBEN (?-1936), a keen gardener and artist in South Africa

Euphorbia susan-holmesiae
SUSAN CARTER HOLMES, see carterana

Crassula susannae
discovered by SUSANNA LAVRANOS, the wife of John Lavranos

Lithops hookeri v. susannae

Sedum susannae
Mlle. SUZANNE LESCHOT (fl. 1910), an acquaintance of the French botanist Raymond Hamet

Delosperma suttoniae
Miss SUTTON, Sout Africa

Euphorbia suzannae, Aloe suzannae
SUZANNA Stein, the wife of J.MUIR - South African naturalist, see also hortenseae

Euphorbia suzannae-marnierae
Mme SUZANNA MARNIER-LAPOSTOLLE, directrice of Jardin Botanique Les Cedres, France

Aloe thompsoniae
after the finder Dr. SHEILA THOMPSON [born Clifford] (fl. 1930s) Haenesberg, Northern Prov., RSA; mother of Louis Clifford Thompson (1920-)

Agave thomasae
DORA THOMAS (fl. 1915); owner of Hotel Thomas in Guatemala where species was found

Yucca (Y.angustissima v.) toftiae
CATHERINE A. TOFT, American botanist (fl. 1975)

Dudleya traskiae
Mrs. LUELLA BLANCHE TRASK (1865-1916), California, Poet-Explorer-Naturalist

Bijlia tugweliae, Cylindrophyllum tugweliae, Sceletium tugweliae
Mrs. ANNA M. TUGWELL (fl.1914-1929), plant collector in South Africa, fiend of Louisa Bolus)

Ruschia vanderbergiae

Sarcocaulon vanderietiae
Mrs. M. VAN DE RIET, South Africa

Ruschia vanniekerkiae
G. VAN NIEKERK (?-1983), South Africa

Vanzijlia gen. , Lampranthus (Mesembryanthemum) vanzijliae
DOROTHY VAN ZIJL, plant enthusiast from Clanwilliam, South Africa, the wife of Judge-President H.S. van Zijl

Haworthia venusta
GRACE VIOLET BRITTEN (venusta lat. = grace eng.), see britteniae

Chasmatophyllum verdoorniae
INEZ CLARE VERDORN (1876-1989), South Africa

Agave victoriae-reginae
QUEEN VICTORIA (1818-1901), queen of Great Bretain and Ireland, empress of India

Stapelia villetiae
Mrs. C.T.VILLET, South Africa

Euphorbia volkmannae

Lithops gracilidelineata v. waldronae
discovered by Mrs. MOLTHEEN MURIEL WALDRON (-1996) with her husband Francis Roper Waldron

Lampranthus walgateae
MARION MEASON WALGATE [later Macnae] (1914-), English botanist, to RSA in 1920, lecturer of botany of botany at Cape Town University, assistant in Moss Herbarium

Orthopterum waltoniae
Miss A.WALTON, South Africa

Euphorbia waringiae
Mrs. GEROLD (born WARING), fl. 1998, wife of the plant trader Ratmond Gerold in Madagascar

Delosperma wethamae
Mrs. BODDAM WETHAM (fl.1928)

Cotyledon whiteae
Mrs. BLISS WHITE [born Atherston] (1823-1907), South Africa

Lewisia x whiteae
Mrs. MARY ELLEN WHITE, born Seyfferth (1865-1965), the wife of Homer White, the brother of MMrs Finch, see finchiae

Conophytum wiggettae

Delosperma wilmaniae, Ebracteola (Mesembryantemum) wilmaniae, Euphorbia wilmaniae, Hereroa wilmaniae, Nananthus (Aloinopsis) wilmaniae, Ruschia wilmaniae, Stapelia wilmaniae
Miss Maria WILMAN (1867-1957), botanist, geologist and archeologist, curator of McGregor Museum in Kimberley, RSA

Lampranthus woodburniae
Mrs. M.WOODBURN (fl.1928)

Delosperma zoeae
ZOE HARRIS (fl.1935)


Pleiospilos barbarae - ?
Cheiridopsis breachiae - ?
Haworthia brigittae - ?
Glottiphylum cilliersiae - ?
Juttadintera elizae - ?
Faucaria hooleae - ?
Ruschia malessoniae - ?
Argyroderma margaritae - ?
Khadia nationiae - ?
Cryophytum neilsoniae - ?
Ruschia orsmondiae - ?
Delosperma petersoniae - ?
Glottiphyllum rosalieae - ?
Faucaria rynevaldiae - ?
Sedum ulricae - ?
Lithops ursulae - ?
Ruschia wilmaniae v. vermeuleniae - ?
Lampranthus (Mesembryanthemum) wordsworthiae - ?

If you known more, tell me


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